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What do we do when what we believe about God doesn’t line up with what we see?

When heartache, struggle or loss finds us, the world would have us believe one of two things: that God either must not be real, or He must not really care.

Neither of these things are true.

Backwards addresses many different areas of your life in which God’s kingdom must move in the opposite directions of the world’s loudest opinions.

Backwards brings hope and practicality to what God meant when He told us in Matthew: that we must lose our lives in order to find them.

If you’re tired of searching for God and feeling like He can’t be found; there is another way.

In Backwards, Rachael takes you through her own journey of finding contentment through process, strength through weakness and life through loss.

The world wants us to believe that we can fight for these things on our own, but self-help can only get us so far.

God’s ways and thoughts are truly higher than ours, and it is there that we find our freedom.

Lose your life to truly find it.