mercy is not left over




Hands down, the best time of the day with little kids is the morning.

I’m totally aware that they one day hit an age where you’re wondering where your sweet baby went and how this grumpy, mini-teenager showed up in your house. I know that day is coming, so I’m trying to soak it in while I can.

My kids are still in the toddler bed and crib phase. There’s something totally magical about opening the door to see them looking, sitting, standing, whatever they can do. And barring any sickness or other complications, they’re almost always happy.

They’re just happy to see me. Happy to be seen. Happy to be awake. Happy because they know they’ll be held by me in order to get out of bed to start the day.

Olivia is almost three (what is happening?!) and she still sleeps in a crib. Mostly because she hasn’t figured out how to climb out all the way. (There was that one time she fell out…oops) But if I’m honest, I’m terrified of what a bedtime routine will look like with her once she knows she has control of whether or not her little body is in the bed. Pray for us.

Every morning is still exciting for her. She still smiles super wide and jumps up and down to be seen, held and greeted, “Good morning!”

I honestly don’t know anymore what constitutes a “morning person.” Do I wake up super chipper at 5:30 ready to take on the day? Heck to the no. My husband will tell you lots about my inability to get up with my alarm. But I’ve learned to love my mornings. To crave however many minutes I get by myself and with my morning date: Jesus and coffee. The love is real. I go to sleep dreaming about my morning coffee. If I oversleep and miss my date, I’m just not as pleasant to be around. This has been a practice that has taken a LOT of years, and I’m still inconsistent. But I’ve begun to really value it.

My very favorite passage in the Bible is about mornings. You’ve probably heard it, or read it, or seen it on a pretty print somewhere. Because, well, it’s pretty. I actually just bought a sign with this scripture on it at Hobby Lobby. Guys. It was my first time at Hobby Lobby. It’s probably a good thing there isn’t one in my area, because ohhhhh man. It’s a magical place. I couldn’t say no. My favorite verse was $6.25 and I’m pretty sure it actually called out my name in the store.

On a chalkboard-like sign with a metal frame are the words,

His mercies are new every morning.” Lamentations 3:23

Loved it. I put it on my coffee bar. And then suddenly, it was like I read it for the first time. His mercy is new. 

New. As in; it hasn’t been used up. It is complete. It is refreshed. It is original. As new as if it’s never been there before.

The problem is that we take everything about a new day for granted. Every single thing about each morning, is brand new from the Creator of the universe. Every time we open our eyes, every time the sun rises; it’s a miracle, and we glaze past it because it happened the day before. Every day is a new day. It’s not just an extension of yesterday – although it feels like that most of the time, doesn’t it?

This morning, His mercy for you has not carried over. It is not a leftover that He reaches to grab from yesterday. He Himself is mercy. It is sourced by Him, and it’s new. As if it’s never been before.

This morning, He’s not bringing up your failures from yesterday. So start new today.

This morning, He greets you with love and forgiveness. So don’t act like you’re a disappointment.

This morning, His compassion isn’t halfway used up on a failure from your past.

It’s brand new. Full. Not tired or impatient or frustrated.

Disclaimer: this is not an excuse to run from yesterday. God wants to draw you to Himself, and wants to take away anything on earth that could separate you from Him. God does call us to repentance. But how does He do it? Through His kindness. His mercy.

Our innocent toddlers don’t wake up remembering how you failed them yesterday. They wake up ready to see you, be loved, and let you lead them through the day.

I’m wondering if maybe this is how God would love to spend our mornings with us. No wonder He’s called us to come to Him like children.

What if we began our day:

Grateful. Because each day actually is a gift He’s chosen for us; and not just a cliche saying.

Joyful – not because of circumstance or lack of responsibility; but because we are settled in knowing He’s made this day for us, and He’ll carry us through.

Hopeful – because there will never be a day like today.

You –

YOU have purpose, and passion, and faith and gifts to be used today. In ways that are different than yesterday.

So let’s start the day accepting the new thing He has for us. With joy, and expectation; wide eyed and in awe.

Let’s not lessen God’s love by believing a lie that He is not enough and more for today. 

Listen to my voice in the morning, Lord. Each morning I bring my requests to you and wait expectantly.” Psalms 5:3


6 thoughts on “mercy is not left over

  1. This is so well written…warm, visual, visceral. Draws us in. Thank you.

    A favorite verse of mine, too. I am sort of retired and I too love mornings Sister. I blogged about them for about two years (creation).

    I well remember the unbridled joy of my girls (one is Joy!). Now it is their children—all 7of them.

    Last, my greatest smile every morning is my bride of 45 years. Her smile is everything.

  2. I found this through your mom’s Facebook page. You have a gift. The message is so powerful, yet the words are soft and kind. Even though my girls are well past the toddler stage, I easily recalled those mornings, and smiled at the memories.

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