a letter to the brokenhearted on Thanksgiving

photo-1505682750263-f3f9e519c565To you,

You, who are surrounded by people, but feel lonely.

You, who have so much to be thankful for, but still feel so empty today.

You, who feel like you’re supposed to be happy and thankful – but you’re just not sure how.

You have been through so much. It’s been a hard year. Maybe even longer. And you have done your best to walk through your seasons of growth and change with grace. Some days you do well, and some days you feel like a failure. You’ve loved, and you’ve lost, and you’ve wondered how you would make it through.

On this day, where the gap just feels so wide and long and never ending, I promise you, I am enough. For every hole, every wound, everything that’s broken. For every time you wish you had done better, for every loss that was too deep for words. For every single tear that has meant something, and even the ones you weren’t sure why. For every angry moment when you lashed out at Me or someone else you love and wished you could take it back. For everything painful. For everything confusing. I am enough.

Every scar you bear is proof of healing.

Yeah, it leaves a mark, and sometimes it feels kind of ugly and out of place – but it’s shaped you. It’s changed you. It’s deepened who you are, and who I am to you. Every scar has been allowed by Me. I never wanted you to go through the pain, but I am so thankful you allow Me to heal you. I’m so thankful you trust Me. I know I’m worthy of Your trust, but I also know that you have a choice. And every time you turn your face toward Me, I know we’re going somewhere.

I am grieved when you forget that I am enough for you. On your best days and on your most hopeless days, I promise you, all that I am is enough. For every void, every question, every painful memory, everything that brings about anger or even distrust in Me.

You’ve heard it said that following Me wouldn’t be easy. And you’ve begun to learn just how true that is. But I’m begging you to hold on. I have chosen you for more than your hardest days. The pain you see now cannot even compare to what I have waiting for you. Someday you’ll see what I see. I don’t expect you to see it now. But while you wait, trust that I’m as good as you hope. Trust that I have already given you everything you need to live the full life you want. Trust that My strength is enough for your every weak and fragile moment. I’m not disappointed or surprised when you feel like you’ve failed.

Our best work is done when we do it together in the waiting. I know just sitting in all of it and letting the process take its time feels like torture. Because I can see the end from the beginning, I ask you to trust and hold on. Your glory is coming.

If your heart is broken, I am near to you. You never have to wonder. It is my promise that’s been tested over time. I am the one who binds your wounds. I carefully take my time to wrap them, over and over, methodically and intentionally so that they will heal well with time. They will produce the scars that prove to you and others that I keep my promises.

I’m content to sit in this with you, even if you aren’t.

I don’t expect anything of you except to trust Me. I do not expect you to put on a happy face. I do not expect you to be all things to all people. I don’t even expect you to like it. But My hope is that  you will see Me for who I truly am – and through the Truth, find the peace and joy and healing you need.

“I am the Lord, who heals you.” Exodus 15:26


Jehova Rapha, the Lord who Heals

Your Dad

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