when you’ve been waiting on God

photo-1480869799327-03916a613b29Let me ask you a question… are you already tired?

The Christmas season has just begun, but are you feeling spent?

Pulled, pushed, filled with expectations of who you’re supposed to show your love to. Trying to keep up with traditions and commitments.

We love Christmas, but it’s nuts. As a whole, it’s pretty busy and stressful and cluttered. We focus on our lists and our budgets and we do our best to teach our children that it’s not actually about someone dropping presents under a tree once a year.

I’ve begun to wonder how we’ve twisted this day; the most miraculous gift to mankind. This post is not to make you want to boycott Christmas. Trust me, I’ve been shopping and every surface of my house has lights on it. I am totally in. I was even in before Thanksgiving. I know. Forgive me.

But instead of teaching us how to give gifts, I am positive that Jesus was born in more than humble circumstances to the most unlikely parents to teach us about patience and process.

Have you ever thought about it? God’s son, the One who would unfairly die to save the sins of the entire world, had to first live and grow for over thirty years.

Hillsong United has the most incredible song titled Seasons. One line says, “You could have saved us in a second. Instead, you sent a child.”

Think about it. Engrained in the salvation of the world was a simple question from our Creator: “Will you trust me in the process?”

Through the Christmas miracle, God’s asking us to trust Him. 

Trust that every miracle takes time. That every promise He has made will come to pass in His timing. That although He can, He will often refrain from speaking and making it so in an instant. He will allow us to grow up, in time, learning from others around us, and trusting in His mighty hand.

The birth of Jesus had been building throughout time, and God used numbers of other characters to show us just how intentionally He would craft every detail.

When the whole world wondered if the promise would ever really come to be –

When Jesus’ parents doubted how or why it could possibly be them –

God had answers and promises for every question.

And it was wrapped in a seemingly illegitimate baby who would take over three decades to fulfill the promise of God.

Christmas feels busy and fun and bright, but the truth is, whatever it is that you’ve been waiting for hasn’t moved. The secret hope, the tired prayer for healing, the dream that seems impossible. What is it for you? What have you been waiting on?

Let the anticipation leading into Christmas remind you this year that God chose to save the world through a process of growth and time. 

We can show love to our Creator and to the ones we love by leaning into trust and process. By saying no to busyness and impatience, we are honoring the sacrifice of Jesus. Not just His suffering on the cross, but His willingness to humbly come to the world so that we could learn from His example.

“With God, one day is as good as a thousand years, a thousand years as a day. God isn’t late with His promise as some measure lateness. He is restraining Himself on account of you, holding back the End because He doesn’t want anyone lost. He’s giving everyone space and time to change.” 2 Peter 3:8-9

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