maybe you don’t need a word from God

photo-1542601098-8fc114e148e2I can promise you two things about the flu:

1. If you’re looking for a quick weight loss plan, this is surely one way to do it.

2. It’s the worst. For real.

It’s been eleven days and I still don’t feel all the way better. I got the flu shot. I got Tamiflu. I got an antibiotic for the extra crap that added itself into my body. I took the vitamins. I drank the bone broth. It’s just rough times, y’all.

And nine days later, I had my first anxiety attack in months. It was such a bummer. Plus I still had a headache, so add a lot of crying, and that definitely didn’t help.

Here is the thing that I think most of us forget: we are still just people. We can do all the work in the world, take the right meds, see a therapist for years, trust God 100%, and we still just melt down sometimes. This is my reminder to me and to you: it’s okay. You are not Superwoman and you are not God.

In our darkest moments, what are we looking for from God? If we’re deep-down honest, I wonder if most of us would say we’re looking for a word from God. We’re looking for His reassurance, His promises, His guidance. His voice. Not at all the wrong thing to look for. But we’re missing out if we’re simply looking for the voice of our Father.

Because the truth is that we have access to all of Him.

In Luke 8, we see this woman who has been hemorrhaging for twelve years. Insert every horrible phrase here. Ugh. Yuck. Bummer. It says that the crowds around Jesus were practically crushing Him. And in the chaos, “She came up behind Him and touched the edge of His cloak, and immediately her bleeding stopped.” [v.44]

Jesus is surrounded by people. Noise, crowds, most likely a ton of people were touching Him. But He noticed. He knew that someone was healed simply by His presence. Verse 47 says, “She realized she couldn’t remain hidden…” She told Jesus it was her, and that he had healed her. And He responds, “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace.”

She didn’t wait for Him to turn to her and speak the magic words. She believed that He Himself was healing, and one touch was all she needed. Just being close enough to touch Jesus and believe that He’s enough – this is the kind of faith He’s looking for from us. Yes, He wants to talk to us. He wants to have that kind of intimate connection and friendship that involves healthy communication.

But have we forgotten – just one touch from Him is enough? And more than that; He cherishes every encounter. They never pass Him by. He never ever misses when that one wound begins to heal and create a beautiful, permanent scar. Yes, His words contain all power. But it’s Him.

So often we’re looking for that confirmation, that “yes” from God. That promise that He will heal, He will mend, He will redeem.

Can I lovingly tell you this? There is a time to wait on the Lord. And then there is a time to remember that He has already made you these promises. No, Jesus isn’t walking around for us to physically touch. But He promised that His Spirit He sent us is even better. We have complete access to the Healer in and through His Spirit: Emmanuel; God with us.

Let’s not forget just how simply Jesus provides everything we need: be in His presence. I know it’s kinda vague. But no matter what it takes, find a way. Lock yourself in the car with worship music. Get up before everyone else in your house and sit with an actual Bible. Go outside and ask Him to meet you. It’s simpler than we’ve made it.

So if He seems quiet; if it feels a little like you may be ignored; rest assured. He’s so present. In fact, He’s longing to be even closer to you. There are times when presence and proximity hold more power than words could.

Your belief and your trust in what He can do in your life have never escaped His notice.

Your quiet “yes” has never remained hidden.


The Lord sees all we do; He watches over His friends day and night. His godly ones receive the answers they seek whenever they cry out to Him.” [Psalm 34:15]

4 thoughts on “maybe you don’t need a word from God

  1. I love this reminder to “sit with an actual Bible”. I had gotten into the total YouVersion habit the last couple of years, but sitting with the weight of the volume, and the crinkle of the pages somehow makes it so much more personal and real. I am thinking how we are all so connected with our devices that it had made His electronic word version just ordinary for me, but these pages remind me just how truly incredible it is to have His love letters to me (and to you) right in my hands. Thank you for bringing that out here. 🙌🏻💕

  2. Love this! I always look forward to reading your blog Rachael. You have such words of wisdom that speak life into my heart.

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