an exciting collaboration!

It’s been so exciting to watch my first book, Backwards, be released into the world. It really all started in my journals and then my words were transferred here, to this blog.

Thanks to all of you who have been reading, sharing, and encouraging me in the past few years right here on WordPress!

I’m so excited for this update today. For the next 48 hours, I’m participating in a joint book promotion with some amazing bestselling authors.

If you’re looking for wisdom in some areas of your life that you could use help, advice, or strategies on how to tackle, then you’re going to love this!

Check it out:

What should you do now?

Go and grab yourself one or all of these amazing titles for 2.99 or less on Amazon! Just click this link to get started:

Don’t take too long. You’ve got 48 hours until this promotion ends and the books go back up to their normal prices.

Don’t wait until the last minute and risk losing out on snagging one of these books!

I’m so thankful for all of you!

Happy reading!

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