I wanted some resolutions for 2013. If not resolutions – goals, I guess. It’s January 6th. Not a great way to start the year – just sitting down to do it now.

There are so many things I want to do differently this year. And some of them I don’t know how to word. And some of them I feel like are unrealistic. And some of them probably won’t be written in here.

I want a more purposeful, intentional prayer life. Prayer changes things. And I want to be someone who prays about everything; not only for myself, but for the people who I tell I will be praying for them. I want to pray for them like it matters. Because it does.

I want to be more intentional with my relationship with my husband. My goal is not to have a clean house or be a better housewife. That’s not what he needs. He needs me to look past the laundry and spend quality time. To sit at the table at dinner and not in front of the TV. To be romantic. To spend time together on purpose. And pray together on purpose.

I have got to work harder on communication with the ones I love who live out of state. I have such incredible friends and family that I miss so much. I talk about missing them, but I have the opportunity to Skype and face time and just don’t do it. I really want to try and reach out to those who I love and miss.

I’m a little nervous the year has started out so busy already, and that I feel like the 6th day of the year is the first time I have time to sit down and figure out these things. There really is so much to look forward to, though. And I really believe if I incorporate these things into my life, it’s really going to be a good year.

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