hello, I’ve got nothing.

photo-1554757388-5982229b9ce7What I’d like to tell you from the get-go is that this shouldn’t even be considered a blog post. Because, honestly? I have nothing to share with you.

The reality is that overnight, I was given way more roles than I signed up for. The truth is that many of the responsibilities that I agreed to or even felt called to – are now feeling draining and at times lifeless. I am now no longer just a mom. I’m also a teacher. Y’all. This is just absolutely not my gifting. Jesus has blessed me with many things. Teaching is just not one of them. If I ever doubted this before in my life, I know now it to be a fact.

My brain and my body are exhausted in new ways that feel confusing.

The normal tools that I have always used as an outlet simply aren’t working for me anymore. Writing has always been my safe place and it’s become something that feels like it’s more of a taker than a giver.

Yet here I am – writing. Here I am, telling you that if whatever your normal stress reliever is isn’t working – it is okay. If you love people and you miss people but also – you have no room for people – it’s okay.

If you’re not feeling like much of a rockstar of anything right now… it’s more than okay. I think it’s most likely the only way to be right now.

In case you have forgotten, as I often have:

Jesus is so more concerned about who you are becoming than how well you are doing.

This time in history is about more than simply learning how to rest or being thankful for what we have. It’s not merely about re-evaluating our busy schedules or re-thinking our priorities.

At the end of the day, when nothing makes sense and you have nothing to give, He remains steadfast. We are not going to survive because of an increase in strength or peace. We survive and we live because of mercy. Because of His great and undeserved compassion, we live and breathe.

Mercy embodies the heart of God over us, His children.

Mercy reminds us that:

We were chosen before the creation of the world. Undeservedly and wildly.

We were made in the image of the Almighty God. Beautifully and thoughtfully formed with unmerited love.

We are loved in spite of and far beyond our best accomplishments.

He has poured out compassion.

Unreserved. Uncontained. Unrequited.

This is the only truth that will get us through. That Jesus Christ reached down to pick us up and place us on a rock so that we don’t have to work to succeed on our own.

If you feel like you’re failing over and over, or if the things that normally bring you joy feel like dread, just stop. Jesus is the ultimate Creator. He has something new for you that may look nothing like your past seasons. Let Him walk with you, teach you how to take these new steps.

You are not supposed to know how to do this right. But you have a Father who is more than one step ahead. In fact, He is behind, beside, and before you. You are beautifully and fiercely surrounded.

So yeah, I’ve got nothing. And in His eyes, it’s exactly enough.

My grace is always more than enough for you, and my power finds its full expression through your weakness.” [2 Corinthians 12:9]


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