to every overwhelmed parent of 2020…

IMG_8008To the parents of 2020,

I know… I know. Overwhelmed is an understatement for all that is facing you. This isn’t just the opposite of what you had planned; it is life-altering. I know you are wondering where I am. I know you are wondering how I could have possibly blessed you with that job and then asked you to homeschool your kids at the same time.

The truth is this – I am doing so much more than you see. It’s bigger than you can think and more grand than you can imagine. I am working on national levels, while still paying attention to each individual son and daughter’s need. Your need.

I do not take lightly all that this year has brought for you. The very real fear, the tangible changes in your schedule that have required such patience and flexibility. This is so much more than a teachable lesson. I am gracefully allowing this season to reshape you. I know it feels cruel and as if you may be ignored. Please trust Me; it is the exact opposite. It feels as if I couldn’t possibly know or care about all of the details of your situation right now. I do. I do not dismiss them nor ignore them.

In the most loving way possible, don’t forget something. Those babies who have grown into people? They aren’t yours. I have entrusted them to you for a short time, but they are My sons and My daughters. I know what’s best for them. And right now? Believe it or not, what’s best for them is you.

This coming fall is less about who or where they learn from and more about who you are learning from. Are you taking your cues from the world around you, or are you settling deep into the secret place to hear from Me?

I am your Father, your Savior, your Friend. But don’t forget one of My other valuable attributes: I am your Teacher. Yes, I am almighty and omnipotent. I know all things. But I also know exactly what you need to learn and how you need to learn it. And I will help you do the same for your children. David said it best when He listened to me in Psalm 32:8-9:

I will stay close to you, instructing you along the pathway for your life.

I will advise you along the way and lead you forth with my eyes as your guide.

So don’t make it difficult; don’t be stubborn when I take you where you’ve not been before.

Don’t make you tug you and pull you along. Just come with me!

Because I love you, I will ask you plainly. When you look back on this time, what do you want to see? Do you want to fight and question and struggle? Or do you want to trust Me to guide you just as I always have?

I am under no assumptions that this is easy. But My yoke is. Trade in your heaviness for what I offer you: peace, joy, and contentment. I never promised you that you wouldn’t be burdened. But I do promise that if you come to Me, you will find rest. Rest for your weary mind and your tired body.

When all else feels uncertain, fix your eyes on Me. I am certain. I am steadfast and unchanging. While the world spins in circles with fear and unanswered questions, I remain seated on My throne with my ears listening for your cries.

It’s okay that it’s hard and even a little bit scary. I will never hold against you the implications and the weight of your reality. But I am asking you for your own peace to trust Me with everything you face ahead of you. Surrender to me the big, open questions of how you’ll get it all done. Remember, it’s in your weakness that My strength is made perfect. Release your fight for strength and stability and let Me be both for you. I am a practical God and a loving Teacher. I am with you every single step of the way, if You’ll allow me along.


The Lord, your Teacher

Are you weary, carrying a heavy burden? Then come to Me. I will refresh your life, for I am your oasis. Simply join your life with Mine. Learn My ways and you’ll discover that I’m gentle, humble, easy to please. You will find refreshment and rest in Me. For all that I require of you will be pleasant and easy to bear.”

[Matthew 11:28-30 TPT]

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