Well, we’ve officially been living in our house for one week and one day. I don’t think we had any idea what we were getting into. It’s really going to be great once it’s finished. It’s exciting to know that all this work will be worth it at the end. For now, it’s all a little much. Packing and moving is enough in itself, but add painting every room, redoing countertops, remodeling bathrooms, and the list of small things just keep adding up! And to add to it, I am now immobile. Hurt my ankle at youth group, and am on crutches with a splint. Ha! Poor Tyler.

What I have learned through this process – I don’t think I could have chosen a more patient partner for me. He has been working every single day for the past 3 weeks, after everyone else goes home trying to get things together. He is focused on taking care of me now that I am a total invalid, and really hardly ever complains. I know he’s probably losing his patience, (only because I would have by now) but he doesn’t let me know it.

I wonder sometimes how I married into such a wonderful family – to treat me like their own family and take care of me while I’m so far away from my own relatives. I know it was God’s will for me to have followed this path, but sometimes I can’t wrap my brain around why He wanted it to be so wonderful for me? Life is most certainly complicated, and I have gone through enough to know that it’s not at all simple and doesn’t always feel so blessed. It’s definitely overwhelming to sit back and look at where my life has come. No one ever thought I would be the one to get married and move away, least of all me. There are days when I can’t believe I live so far. But deep down, I know it couldn’t have gone any other way. There are people in my life now that I cannot imagine living without. People and experiences and places that have totally changed me and brought me back to the person I had lost for a few years.

Lately I’m just finding out that I am so much happier than I really ever though I’d be with the person God chose for me. No matter how wonderful things seem when you’re dating, I feel like everyone must have some questions about the idea of literally “forever”. I’m so thankful that I’m more sure of my forever every day.



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